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Local Therapists working with you throughout the Mallee

About our Team


Director Catherine Threlfall is a Registered Music Therapist with more than 20 years experience in a range of health, education, community, early childhood and disability services.

Our Sunraysia Arts and Learning staff team is now growing to also welcome Registered Music Therapist Alida Konyn and Registered Music Therapist Lewis Reidy-Crofts to the team! We are excited to have our newly expanded team of Registered Music Therapists and Music Therapy Assistants available to offer Music Therapy services to individuals, groups and organisations throughout the Mallee!

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What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is an allied health service which is delivered by a Registered Music Therapist. Music therapists use evidence based, musical techniques and interventions with participants of all ages to accomplish individualised, non-musical goals. In Music Therapy, therapeutic goals for individuals may include working on mobility, cognitive development, communication, emotional wellbeing and social interaction, just to name a few! Music Therapy can support goals from across many other allied health services such as Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Research shows that musical experiences stimulate multiple areas of the brain at once creating an environment for many ways of learning and growing. People of all ages and abilities can benefit from Music Therapy and no, you don’t need any exisiting musical skills to participate fully in Music Therapy.

Sunraysia Arts and Learning is a Registered NDIS provider and offers Music Therapy across the Mallee. Our local Registered Music Therapists offer Music Therapy for individuals, groups and organisations.

What training do Music Therapists have?

Music Therapists are university trained allied health professionals. Music Therapists must be registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association and complete ongoing professional development to maintain their registration.

Who can do Music Therapy?

Anyone can benefit from accessing music therapy. It doesn’t matter how much or how little experience you have with music or music making, you can connect with our Music Therapy team. Music therapy from Sunraysia Arts and learning is available for all people of all ages and abilities.

What are some things that might happen in Music Therapy?

Sunraysia Arts and Learning’s music therapy services are tailored to each individual or groups’ needs and circumstances. Each music therapy session with our Music Therapy team will be unique and include different techniques and approaches when working towards each participant’s goals.

Some music therapy techniques you might see in a music therapy session include: singing, song-writing, dance, music and movement, instrumental playing, guided listening and relaxation, music appreciation discussion, music technology, musical games and instrumental and vocal improvisation, just to name a few!

Do I need music skills to succeed in Music Therapy?

No, you do not need music skills to succeed and thrive in music therapy! Music therapy in the Mallee is accessible to all people of all ages, abilities and walks of life. Our job at Sunraysia Arts and Learning is to support our music therapy participants to engage with music making in a way that feels successful and authentic to them.

What role do Music Therapy Assistants play in therapy programs?

Music therapy assistants are highly trained professionals who help to carry out programs designed by our Registered Music Therapists. Music Therapy Assistants run both individual and group programs, build relationships with participants and use musical techniques to help them achieve their goals.

Is there Music Therapy in the Mallee?

Yes! Sunraysia Arts and Learning provides music therapy services across the Mallee. Our team of Registered Music Therapists, Music Therapy Assistants and other Creative Arts Therapists deliver therapy for individuals and groups both in our local studios in Merbein and in homes and other spaces across the Mallee.

Can I pay for Music Therapy with my NDIS plan?

Yes, Sunraysia Arts and Learning is a Registered NDIS Provider. Talk to us about how we can help you to access the supports you need through our flexible and innovative programs by contacting us.

How do I enquire about Music Therapy with Sunraysia Arts and Learning?

At Sunraysia Arts and Learning, we offer music therapy services tailored to individual and organisational needs and circumstances.

Please contact us to or complete the referral form below to discuss how music therapy can help you and your family, or how music therapy can assist your organisation.

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How can music therapy can help you? Contact us!