Music Together® Programs

For hundreds of thousands of families worldwide, Music Together® children and their grownups joyfully share songs, rhymes, movement, and instrument play, both in music class and in their daily lives.

A pioneer in early childhood music and movement education, Music Together offers classes for children from birth through kindergarten, in which parents and caregivers actively participate. All children are sounders and movers, and their natural aptitude for music blossoms in a sufficiently rich music environment. In fact, when given a supportive music environment, children learn to sing and dance as naturally as they learn to walk and talk.

Music Together® Mixed Age Classes at Sunraysia Arts & Learning

Sunraysia Arts and Learning offer weekly 45 minute Music Together® mixed age family classes for 0-5 year olds and their grown ups. The family-like setting of mixed-age classes creates an ideal learning environment where infants, toddlers, and preschoolers can freely participate at their own levels. Contact us to attend a free trial class

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Fully trained, registered Music Together® teachers lead children and the adults that love them in 45 minutes of joyful, fun music and movement experiences.

Each weekly class offers fun songs and chants, music and movement, and instrument play. The songs are drawn from the current song collection you will take home.

Children and their adults have opportunities to create and improvise – making up new words to songs, offer movement ideas, making silly sounds, and sharing musical ideas.

The relaxed, playful, non-performance-oriented classroom setting respects and supports the unique learning styles, developmental levels, and temperaments of all participants, creating a strong sense of community.

Families receive a new CD each term along with an illustrated songbook that is filled with music-making ideas for spontaneous music play beyond the weekly classes. They also have access to the Music Together® Family Music Zone

Music Together® Generations Classes

he Generations music class is a Mixed-Age Music Together class with the sweetest twist: the addition of senior participants. Kids and their grownups visit their “Musical Grandfriends” at a local aged care facility and spend time making music as a large extended family.
These intergenerational music classes for seniors and children are popular with elders because the fun songs and children’s liveliness and laughter help to brighten up everybody’s day. Making music together connects people in ways that few other activities can, and this type of class bridges the generations by helping seniors, staff, parents, and kids form new and satisfying relationships.
Generations Music Together classes in Sunraysia are offered in collaboration with Hands Up Mallee. This partnership allows us to offer a number of fully funded enrolments to families who are experiencing financial need, or other access barriers.
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Music Together® Classes for Big Kids

Music Together Big Kids is a group music classes for 6-8 year olds. This weekly class runs for 9 week terms of 45 min classes.
Children build on their music skills through singing, instrument playing, dance and musical games to prepare for future music learning.
Learning music skills in a group setting is an ideal way to consolidate and extend rhythm and pitch skills, in an accessible and non-performance oriented setting.
Enrolled families receive a new song collection each term to enjoy at home.
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Rhythm Kids by Music Together®

Rhythm Kids Level 1 are weekly classes for 4-5 year olds.
In each weekly music class, we drum, sing, move, and play to rhythms inspired by musical traditions around the world, from West African Gahu, to Japanese Taiko, to Brazilian Samba.
Students learn to compose, choreograph, and conduct as they play a variety of musical instruments: West African djembe drums, percussion instruments, and, the most important instruments of all, their voices and their bodies. Children learn to think and create like a musician.

Classes include:
immersion in the musical language of many cultures
playful music games with rules
opportunities to lead and create music
exposure to complex and fun music
many chances to solo, improvise, and work in ensembles
rich, creative experimentation and expression, improvisation, and innovation

Enrolled families also receive a inspirational songbook and CD, and access to the Music Together Family Music Zone.
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Music Together® Guitar for Grown Ups

Guitar for Grown Ups is a popular Music Together program for adults wanting to learn basic guitar skills.
Join our friendly group class to learn chords, strumming patterns and basic fingerpicking along to our Music Together songbook of kids songs.
Bring your own guitar and capo.
Absolutely designed for absolute beginners, and also suitable for those wanting to brush up their skills.
Programs run for eight weeks each term. Enrol now to get a spot in this popular program.

Music Learning Supports all Learning

Wiggling, singing, and laughing with your child is so much fun – it’s easy to forget how much learning is taking place! Our research-based curriculum not only develops music skills, it nurtures creativity, self-expression, and confidence while also supporting social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Because these benefits build over time, children enjoy the fullest growth in each of these areas when they participate as consistently as possible up through kindergarten.

Music Together Program
Your Role is Essential

Young children learn through play and experimentation and by watching and listening to the grownups they love. Setting an example as an enthusiastic participator in music activities is the best thing any parent or caregiver can do to help set a child on the road to a lifelong love of music. Parents don’t need to have music skills – they just need a desire to play and have fun with their children! Our teachers are specially trained to create a safe atmosphere so you can happily join in, experiment, or even get silly – and feel closer to your child while doing so.

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